We acquired a little while ago a Thecus N8800 Pro v2 NAS, to use as an inexpensive backup target… Recently we upgraded our backup product to VEEAM. Here’s how I got the two working in perfect harmony(!)

First off, get your Thecus set up and upgraded to the latest firmware (I’m using 2.05.06.v2), then download the following:

ModBase (Mod platform)
Perl514 (Perl – required for the VEEAM agent)
FajoSSHD (SSH deamon, required for VEEAM and some additional setup)
META (Needed to run a startup script)

Install them using the “Application Server” -> “Add Application” page in the order above, then SSH into the machine using the root account and your “admin” account password.

Next, you’ll need to add a startup script to place a symlink to the Perl binary; this is because it gets removed on each reboot and therefore needs re-adding. The following little script will stop you having to do it manually.

Navigate to /raid/data/module/META/system/etc/startup and type “vi veeamstartup.sh”, then hit “i” and enter the following:

ln -s /raid/data/module/Perl514/system/bin/perl /sbin/perl

Then hit escape, type “:x” and hit enter. You’ll need to give the script execute privileges too so type “chmod +x veeamstartup.sh” and hit enter.

Now that all that is prepared, you should enable NFS from the Thecus web admin page, and add your VEEAM machines to the allowed IPs. Next, reboot the NAS (you can’t skip this step!).

All that’s left now is to add the Thecus to VEEAM as a Linux server from the Backup Repositories section of the console, and you’re set!

Resources used figuring all this out are HERE, HERE, and HERE

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  1. Nacho martin says:


    After wasting several hours with veeam not working for the missing link after reboot, I decided to search for the “permanent” link. The META module you linked is the only one that I have found to work.

    Thanks a lot.

  2. Massimiliano Rizzi says:

    Hi James,

    first and foremost, I would like to thank you for the solution.

    The only problem with my Thecus setup is that the results returned in the “Repository” section under the Backup Infrastructure -> Backup Repositories node are “Unknown”, while Linux server disk size and free space are populated inside the Veeam B&R GUI when I click Populate in the “Server” section under the Backup Infrastructure -> Backup Repositories node.

    Seems like the BusyBox implementation of Linux on the Thecus does not support the -x argument used with the Linux ‘df’ command that the Veeam “tarball” (veeam_soap.tar) uses.

    Did you manage to find a possible workaround ?

    Thanks and Regards,


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