Ever wondered how to upgrade Exchange 2010 to SP2? Yeah me neither… But I recently had to do exactly that to our on-site Exchange. Here’s how:


Essentially it boils down to this:

  1. Do all the below on a test environment first! I used Shadowprotect‘s VirtualBoot facility to pull up VMs of all our Exchange boxes and a DC on a spare host; it ran a little slow but served its purpose well.
  2. Update your AD schema using the installer, or from CMD usingĀ setup.exe /prepareschema from the SP2 install directory. You can do this on a DC, but it’s not really necessary, any domain joined server will do.
  3. Next, run the installer on your CAS servers – it’ll run through a list of pre-requisites, if there are any which are currently unsatisfied it will prompt you with either info on how to satisfy manually or ask for permission to do it automatically. This is all fairly self explanatory.
  4. Next, repeat for Hub Transport servers, and then Unified Comms servers if you have any, and finally Mailbox role holders. Edge Transport servers can be done at any point.
  5. Once this is all done, make sure that everything is still functioning correctly and if no errors have occurred – roll onto your production environment!
  6. Notes for production roll-out:
  • If I recall correctly you’ll only need a Domain Admin account, Enterprise admin is not necessary
  • There will be windows of downtime on each server of about 15 minutes while the installer runs. Your other Exchange infrastructure will continue to function normally however, so if for instance you have multiple CAS servers, service will not be interrupted by each CAS server update.
  • Exchange SP1 component servers can co-exist alongside SP2 while the upgrades are happening (provided you observe the install order above) for the duration of the install. It is not recommended long term however.

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